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Welcome to my page!


Birthday:  8-18-18

Handler:  Tami and Sydney

Hometown:  Cortland, Ohio

Favorite Toy:  My squeaky pig!

Titles:  CGC, CGCA, CGCU

Fun Facts About Louie

I like to be chased, go for car rides and walks in the woods.  I love my chin scratched and meeting new friends like you.

All About Me

 I was born 8-18-18. My moms name is June and my dads name is Spike. My mom is an F1 golden doodle and my dad is a standard poodle. That makes me an F1B golden doodle. So I’m mostly standard poodle with a little golden retriever. My human parents adopted me 11-17-18. I started training right away. Mom says I am very smart and a good listener. I have lots of other animal brothers and sisters at home.

I love them all, but especially my dog brother Leo. He is also a golden doodle. I love to play with him, and I really love when he chases me. I steal his toy so that he will chase me. I like to steal my human sisters things too, because she will chase me. But my favorite thing is meeting new people and making people happy. I love when people pet me and smile. It makes me feel good knowing that I make people happy.

                                                                             Love, Louie

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