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Is Therapy Dog work right for you?

Join Our Team

Want to bring joy and improve lives in your community, all while spending time with your pet? If the answer is yes, then we’re here to help get you started and support you

along the way!

P.A.W.S. Therapy Team is always looking for individuals who would love to be part of this

elite team.

For more information

Contact Training Membership 

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First step, all dogs must: 

  • Be at least one year old at the time of evaluation

  • Demonstrate good basic obedience skills.  Walk with a loose leash, and respond reliably to common commands such as “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” and “leave it.”

  • Welcome, not merely tolerate, interactions with strangers.

  • Have no history of aggression or seriously injuring either people or other animals

  • Pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen)


The dog are evaluated prior to attending a training/testing class. This class is an intense, full day of training. All teams are required to work their dogs to keep them up to the high standards.


Canine Good Citizen was established in 1989 and is an AKC program to promote responsible dog ownership and to encourage training of well-behaved dogs. To learn more about the CGC, go to:

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