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Welcome to my page!


Birthday: April 10, 2018
Handler: Charlotte
Hometown: Boardman, Ohio
Favorite Toy: Cock-a-Doddle-Chew
(her floppy chicken) or anything that squeaks.

Fun Facts about Abby
Abby loves to go on road trips and camping. She has traveled as far as the Grand Canyon with many places between.  She likes going to the park, playing ball, and loves getting lots of belly rubs.

All About Me

I first met my mom and dad when I was just 5 weeks old.  It was love at first sight! They came to visit me and my 8 sisters and 2 brothers.  My dad gave the best belly rubs.  They came back when I was 7 weeks old.  When I saw them, I was so excited, I ran and jumped in my dad's arms.  I went to my new home 2 weeks later. 
     Training started right away. 
     First, I trained them to play ball and chase me around the yard. They soon learned how much fun it was to go for walks at the park. I try to get them to go everyday, but I soon realized how lazy humans can be. So I settled for 3 days a week.
     My jobs are keeping the squirrels out of the yard, warning when the big birds are near, and checking out all unusual smells.  I also put mom to bed first, and stay with her until she falls asleep. Then I go keep dad company until he turns out all the lights. Then I know it's my bedtime, too. 

I really like going on road trips.  I have seen so many new places from The Thousand Islands to the Grand Canyon.  I watched a gunfight in Dodge City.  I wanted to break it up, but my mom stopped me.  We go to watch the funny looking cars run around in a circle over and over.  I don't understand it, but my Dad really gets excited.  My cousin, Ripley, lives in Colorado and she introduced me to her friends. We had a great time playing chase and getting treats. 
     Mom and I started learning to visit all kinds of places and people, big and little. I really love my visits and getting hugs and pets. I like it when the little people read to me, I sometimes fall asleep. I haven't met a human that I didn't like.   
     I hope you enjoyed learning about me. I hope we can meet sometime.  

                            Love, Abby

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