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Therapy Dogs make a PAWS-ative impact

What Does a Therapy Dog do?

At P.A.W.S. Therapy Team, our dogs are trained to provide comfort and affection to people other than their handlers or owners. That could mean visiting a variety of places where people need love and affection, such as hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing homes, disaster areas, and more. They are encouraged to interact with a variety of people and should have a friendly and warm disposition.

The P.A.W.S. Therapy Team use well-trained Certified Therapy Dog Teams in programs that provide comfort and caring through a canine-human bond. Volunteers serve in  assisted living homes, libraries, and schools. Teams provide help in crisis, work with our servicemen,   anywhere a therapy/comfort dog is needed.

Our Mission

 With the help of our exceptional animal companions, we seek to

Provide Affection, Well-being and Support

to all those in need.

Our Vision

Our goal for the future is to allow

P.A.W.S. Therapy Team to become

recognized as an integral part of the

physical, emotional, and mental well-being

of members of our community.  

Therapeutic Visits

Researchers and experts agree that pets excel as therapeutic agents and that dogs are an antidote to depression. Studies have shown a decrease in both blood pressure and stress levels during therapy dog visits. A visit from one of our therapy dog teams can break the daily routine, increase overall emotional well-being, and stimulate the mind in dramatic ways. Our certified therapy dogs offer so many wonderful benefits to people of all ages such as:

  • Bringing joy and laughter, even if for a short time

  • Taking a person’s mind off of personal problems, aches, pains and worries

  • Getting people to share their stories, emotions, and rekindling warm memories of their pets

  • Giving a chance for people to communicate with others

  • Lowering stress levels and blood pressure

louie doing visitation

Why Our Dogs Are Special

Every dog who wears the special P.A.W.S vest has one thing in common, extensive special training. Each dog must pass the AKC-approved Good Canine Citizenship test and undergo a two-day training and testing. 

south range reading program
Abby at VA
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